What Makes Metal Roofing Materials a Greener Option?

The primary metals used in sheet metal fabrication for roofing are steel and aluminum. Both are coated with a finish and sent to the roofing manufacturers to undergo the metal cutting and stamping process. They are turned into sheets of product, tiles and can even be made to look like asphalt shingles. The cost can be a little higher, but they are considered a greener option than many of the products currently used.

Energy Efficient and Energy Star Rated

Not all sheet metal roofing products are as energy efficient as the ones with Energy Star rating. The ones that have this rating could save you 30 percent and more on your cooling bill in the hot summer months. It does this by reflecting the solar rays of the sun by as much as 90 percent. Energy Star rated roofing will be lighter in color and be considered a “cool roof” product.

Product Lasts for Many Years

The manufacturer warranty for most metal roofing products is anywhere from 20 to 50 years. Certain roofing materials can last 60 or more years. The zinc roofs in Europe are slated to last at least 100 years. They have invested in metal roofing in better than 70 percent of the building throughout the major European nations. The popularity is steadily increasing on the North American continent as well.

Hardy and Durable

Most metal roofing products are built to withstand winds over 110 miles-per-hour, heavy rain, light hail and snow. The roof can be noisy if not properly insulated, but the lasting power makes it worthwhile. You will deal with less damage and costly repairs by investing in a metal roof.

The Value of Recycled Metal

Most metal roofing products contain 20 to 30 percent recycled metals. Recycling is a guaranteed way to keep things on a more environmentally friendly level. Being more conservative with resources is a basis for green technology and environmentally sound ideals to change the disposable nature that society has shown over the last few years. These roofing products can be 100 percent recycled when the life of it has been used up.

Poses No Environmental Threat in a Landfill

When metal roofing products do end up at a landfill, as some of it is destined to, there is no threat to the environment as they product naturally breaks down and dissolves into the soil. There are no chemicals that can hurt plants, soil or animals. it is a kinder, more forgiving product in a world full of hidden dangers. Asphalt shingles are one of the toughest for nature to handle in breaking down in the soil, yet millions of tons hit the trash heap every year.

Contact a sheet metal roofing professional today and choose the greener option for the environment that helps you save money on energy bills. .You may be able to find more resources and insights at the Heather & Little Limited website.