Basics about Fire Alarm Systems in Canada

We live in a world where emergencies can occur at any given moment. To ensure that we are not caught unaware by issues that we can prevent such as carbon monoxide, fire and smoke, fire alarm systems have been implemented in many social places. These alarm systems should be activated automatically using control systems that have been designed for this purpose. In many cases, heat detectors and smoke detectors are used for these purposes. Fire systems can also be activated manually through devices located within the premise. These devices consist of pull stations as well as manual call points. To ensure that no alarm goes undetected, some premises use security guards for alarm monitoring. Life safety systems should also be placed in a premise to ensure no casualty is recorded in case of a fire accident.

Monitoring of Alarm Systems
Apart from installing fire alarm systems and detection methods, alarm monitoring systems play a crucial role in the proper working of a fire system. There are many ways of alerting people of an incoming danger such as the use of horns and sounders that are placed on the wall. Another common method been used include the use of motorized bells. Speakers can also be used to sound the alarm. Places that have implemented speakers usually sound the alarm and follow this with an evacuation message. In many cases, this alarm is meant to warn people to use exit doors and not elevators. In places like Canada, fire systems sounders use two methods of warning people. The first method involves the use of continuous codes while the other system uses varying codes. You may be able to find more resources and insights at the Chubb Edwards Canada website.

Primary Parts of a Fire System
A fire alarm system consists of many parts that include a fire alarm control panel, primary power supply, and secondary power supplies. Other parts that make the fire alarm system include initiating devices, notification devices as well as building safety interfaces. The control panel in most cases has several functions that include monitoring the system integrity as well as monitoring the inputs. In most cases, it’s the function of this panel to control outputs while at the same time relay information. Initiating devices consists of devices like smoke detectors and heat detectors. These detectors are of different categories with major ones being duct, aspiration, photoelectrical and beam detectors.

Categories of Fire Systems in Canada
There is guidance that has been provided by relevant provincial officials on the types of fire systems used. This means that there exists a variety of fire alarms. The one you chose is determined by your application and building type. The price of alarm systems will also differ from one company to the other. Common systems in Canada include the M manual system, L automatic system, and the P automatic system.