5 Largest Security Problems in Warehouses and How to Solve Them


One of the biggest issues that an owner of a warehouse has to deal with is theft and vandalism. There are five issues in particular that can help to lead to an increase in warehouse theft and vandalism. Fortunately, there are also a variety of things that a property owner can do to reduce or limit the theft that takes place in their warehouse, which will then improve the bottom line.

1. Lack of Lighting

One concern that continues to be an issue for warehouse owners is a lack of lighting. Due to the size of a warehouse, it can be difficult to keep lights on the entire interior and exterior of the property at the same time. However, investing in energy efficient light bulbs and motion sensors could allow for you to get a much better glimpse of the property at all times. Better lighting to help to prevent thieves and vandals from trying to access your property.

2. Vegetation

Another issue that a warehouse owner could have for security purposes is poor vegetation control. Having vegetation around a warehouse can make it look nice. However, vegetation can also create plenty of spots for a thief or vandal to hide. If you want to have vegetation around your building, it is important that you keep it properly contained and trim. This will help to limit the amount of blind spots that you have in your building, which will reduce the risk of theft.

3. External Security

External Security
One of the biggest challenges that a property owner can have is trying to keep a building exterior secure. A building owner that is trying to keep their property secure may find that the size of a warehouse and make it difficult to continue to monitor. Fortunately, through the use of surveillance systems, it can be much easier to constantly monitor the property. Furthermore, these systems can be linked to local law enforcement who will be alerted if there is a break-in.

4. Open Accessibility

Open Accessibility
Property owners that are looking to improve security will also find that having an open accessibility system to all employees can be a disadvantage. If you manager warehouse that has a lot of different areas that contain valuable items, it could be a good idea to limit accessibility to each individual room based on clearance levels. This can help to make sure that only authorized people are accessing secure and important rooms of the warehouse.

5. Employee Training

Employee Training
Ultimately, one of the best things that you could do to reduce the amount of theft in your warehouse would be to improve training. One of the main issues that a property has is that the employees do not know how to look out for internal or external theft. If you have a full compliance and training program in place, all employees will have a little bit more training on how to identify theft. This could go a very long way when it comes to making sure that everyone is working together to reduce losses related to stealing and vandalism.